BFL Internal Interchange Agreement

Under 12 and Under 14 AREA AGREEMENT between the Ballarat FL Junior Clubs

This agreement between the clubs of the Ballarat FL Junior Clubs is to allow Clubs with excess Under 12 and Under 14 players the ability to interchange players to another club for the 2008 season so that all players have an opportunity to participate in Under 12 and Under 14 football.

This agreement is signed pursuant to the Victorian Country Football League Incorporated Rules and Regulations pertaining to clearances and permits whereby an interchange of players between Clubs of the above-mentioned League may take place without clearance and is subject to any provisions contained within this agreement.


1.       The player seeking permission to interchange between the two clubs must complete the prescribed Interchange form prior to interchanging between clubs.

2.       Registered players, from the club who are bringing in interchange players, must be used before any interchange players are used.

3.       Prior to interchanging between clubs, the player must obtain permission to do so from the club with which he is currently registered with.

4.       Players can only play one match per week. Players cannot play with two clubs over the duration of 1 weekend.

5.       Players may only interchange with one other club over the course of the year under the terms of this agreement.

6.       The number of players permitted to interchange from one club to another in any week must not exceed eight.  If the Club/s wish to vary this number they must make application to the League to vary this limit.

7.       There is no limit to the number of games that any one player can play during the season under the terms of this Interchange Agreement.

8.       To qualify for finals players must comply with local by-laws.

9.       A player cannot interchange whilst under suspension.

10.    The player, player’s parent or guardian, the club secretary from the players registered club, the  club  secretary from the interchange club  and the Ballarat FL Operations Manager  must all sign the prescribed 2008 Under 12 and U/14 Interchange Form prior to the player playing with his interchange club.  A copy of the Inter-change form must be provided to the Ballarat FL operations manager and prior to the player playing on Interchange with a club other than his registered club. Failure to adhere to this will result in the club being brought to account under VCFL Rule 1.3 which results in loss of points and fines.

11.    The Ballarat FL is to retain a copy of the Interchange Forms for their records.

If a club breaches the rules of the Interchange agreement, they lose the right to interchange players for the remainder of that calendar year.

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