Family Permit Form

Where a player under the age of 16 years as of the 1st of January is in a situation where the parents have separated and have special custody arrangements such players may be eligible to apply for a permit to play at a second or alternate club which is more than 150km away from his / her original club. A player eligible under this permit may only participate in one game per weekend and may be eligible for finals providing they have qualified under the local provisions however they may only play in one finals series per weekend. Permits will not be granted where a local Area Agreement can be applied. The ultimate verification and approval of this special Family Permit will rest with the Area Manager after lodgement of the Family Permit Form and proof of separation and residence of both parents. Family Permit cannot be applied for or approved after June 30th in each year and in only applicable for that year. VCFL approval from the Area Manager for such a permit is required.

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