Club Legend Of The Year

August 09, 2011, 09:13 PM AEST

Every club has its legends.

In fact, it is a big part of what country footy is all about.

Our legends are the ones that keep the spirit up when times are tough, and are those that are leading the charge when the club is flying. They are the ones that can change the game on the turn of their boot, and the ones who are always there when needed.

They may be faces from the past or they may be your stalwart of the future.

The WorkSafe VCFL has launched its new facebook page with a bold quest to uncover the very first people’s choice VCFL Club Legend of the Year.

It might be the old bloke who’s pulling on the boots for the 724th time, or the streaker whose mad dash

changed the course of last year’s grand final, or the super-nan who’s coached the Reserves to the last 3

consecutive flags.

In other words, it could be anyone – just so long as they’re a dead-set legend at your club.

Everyone’s invited to upload a photo of their local legend to the new VCFL facebook page, and then explain in 50 words or less why he or she deserves to be the inaugural Club Legend of the Year.

They then need to get their friends to join-in the conversation to have their say and add their support. This is all about having a bit of fun and celebrating the real spirit of country footy.

At the end of the season one of country footy’s most esteemed judges, Dame Mongrel Punt, will trawl

through all the posts before deciding who takes the illustrious crown.

In the meantime, though, there are also great weekly prizes for the club whose nomination generates the most entertaining or heartwarming responses and comments.

The VCFL, along with independent production company Suitcase Murphy utilized the acting talents of the Trentham Football Netball Club to make a promotional film for the Legends campaign. It stars Gegsy, Kit, Melon, Twiggy, Baz, Vin & Lyn. Castlemaine boy, and voice of the Boags Draught ads, John Flaus, provides the voiceover.

To see the stirring promotional film, or to get involved, jump online now and go to the VCFL facebook page:

The new VCFL facebook page is an insider’s guide to country footy, and part of the VCFL’s ongoing efforts to engage with all its stakeholders throughout regional and rural Victoria.

So…put your heads together at the footy club and get you club legend onto the VCFL facebook page.

Jock Allan
WorkSafe VCFL Events & Communications

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