2011 Ballarat Toyota U/10 Round Robin Information Released

August 08, 2011, 03:27 PM AEST


This Sunday, 14th August, over 400 U/10 Ballarat Football League players will farewell season 2011 at the Ballarat Toyota U/10 Round Robin to be held at the Wendouree Reserve No 2 Oval and Northern Oval No 2 Oval.

The day will start at 10am and all players and parents need to be aware that there will be an entry fee to the event.

Clubs are reminded that U/10 matches will not be played on Saturday 13th August with their home clubs, instead they will play their final match of the season in a round robin format on Sunday 14th August at a venue yet to be determined.

The following information is important to the running of the event so please ensure a copy of this is provided to the under 10 Coaches as soon as possible.

·         Match Details:  2 x 10 minute halves with a 3 minute break at half time.

·         Break between matches: 5 minute

·         Venue: Northern Oval No 2 and Wendouree Recreation Reserve No 2

·         Date:    Sunday 14th August 2011

·         Games played: Each side will play a minimum of 3 matches each

It was agreed to in previous years that all finals for this event be scrapped and be replaced by a simple round robin format that saw each side play 3 or 4 (depending on how much time is available and how many teams participate) games each with no finals to follow. This would take the emphasis off winning and place it solely on participation which is what the day is about anyway.

Eligibility for the Event:

This year, the BFL will have two categories clubs can enter sides into. There will be a U/10 Senior category and a U/10 Reserve category for clubs to enter their sides into. It is expected that clubs will attempt to enter at least one side in each category.  Players must compete in the category they are nominated for.

Cut Off Dates for Both Categories:

The cut off dates for both categories will be as follows:

-          U/10 Senior and Reserve: Cut off date of 01/01/2000

Team Sheets:

It is compulsory for clubs to enter a team sheet for all sides they wish to enter on the day. Clubs may submit a list of players on a spreadsheet to the league prior to the day and players listed on each team sheet must play in the team they are nominated for. Team sheets are to be submitted to the BFL by no later than 5pm on Friday 5th August so that a fixture can be generated and distributed to all clubs. We need to know how many teams are entered by this date and no later.

Player MUST Compete in One Side Only:

Clubs are not permitted to swap and change players intermittently between sides they enter on the day. Players must play in the side they nominated in on their team sheet.

The Ballarat Football League will supply the following:

·         All central Umpires

·         Footballs

·         Timekeepers

·         Stretcher for both main ovals

·         Goal Posts

Clubs are to supply the following:

·         Goal Umpire who must wear a white coat

·         Umpire flags

·         Please Note: Scores will not be taken so there is no need for scorecards or pens

Admission Prices are as follows:

·         Adult: $5

·         Child 8 – 16yo: $1

·         Child under 8yo: Free

·         Car: $1

The fixture for the event will be as follows:


Ground 1 - Northern Oval 2

Ground 2 - Wendouree Res 2



U/10 Reserves

U/10 Reserves



Ground 1 - Main Oval End

Ground 2 - Creswick Road End

Ground 3 - Norman Street End

Ground 4 - City End



Ballarat v Sebastopol

Golden Point v Mount Clear

Lake Wendouree v Darley

North Ballarat v Redan



Bacchus Marsh v Mounties

Ballarat v Golden Point

Darley v Redan

Lake Wendouree v North Ballarat



Sebastopol v Bacchus Marsh

Mount Clear v Ballarat

Mounties v Lake Wendouree

Redan v Golden Point



Bacchus Marsh v Darley

Mount Clear v Sebastopol

Mounties v North Ballarat

Ballarat v Lake Wendouree



North Ballarat v Bacchus Marsh

Darley v Golden Point

Sebastopol v Mounties

Mount Clear v Redan



U/10 Seniors

U/10 Seniors



Bacchus Marsh v Darley

Ballarat v North Ballarat

East Ballarat v Lake Wendouree

Golden Point v Mount Clear



Sebastopol v Redan

Bacchus Marsh v Ballarat

East Ballarat v Mount Clear

Lakers v Golden Point



North Ballarat v Sebastopol

Redan v Darley

Lakers v Mount Clear

Lake Wendouree v Ballarat



Bacchus Marsh v Sebastopol

Darley v Lakers

East Ballarat v Redan

Golden Point v Lake Wendouree



North Ballarat v Redan

Ballarat v Golden Point

Bacchus Marsh v East Ballarat

Lake Wendouree v Sebastopol



Lakers v North Ballarat

Mount Clear v Darley





Pack Up


The rules that apply for the 2011 U/10 Round Robin are as follows (Please Note: These rules are being used for the 2010 season):

Modified Rules for U/10 Matches:

  1. U/10 Matches – Club Volunteer Umpires: As there are no points or percentage at stake only one club umpire will be required for each of the U/10 games. Therefore, the ‘HOME’ side shall provide an umpire to officiate one of the U/10 matches and the ‘AWAY’ side shall provide an umpire to officiate the second U/10 match.
  2. Team Numbers: Each team shall consist of the same number of players on the ground at all times. At no time should one side out-number the other. As per agreement, a minimum of 10 players per side can constitute a game and there has been no maximum placed on numbers in juniors games as long as both sides have even numbers. Only 18 players may be on the field per team at any one time.
  3. Team Members: Teams can be made up of both male and female players.
  4. Resuming Play: To start play, at the beginning of a quarter or after a goal has been kicked, the Umpire shall choose two players of equal size to contest the centre bounce. Each side may have 4 players each, usually the on-ball players, to be inside the centre square (or within a 20m radius if no square is available) to contest for the football.
  5. Ball Ups: The ball must be hit out of the ruck and shall only be contested by the two nominated players. At no stage can a third player contest in the ruck and at no stage can the ball be taken out of the ruck and kicked or handballed.
  6. Around the Ground Ball Ups: Rules 2 and 3 apply to all field ball ups as well.
  7. Out of Bounds: When the ball has been kicked out of bounds without being touched, a free kick shall be awarded to the nearest opponent. Where the ball has been touched and called by the umpire, play shall be restarted by a ball-up 10 metres in from the boundary line where the ball went out. Rules 2 and 3 shall now be applied.
  8. Running & Bouncing with the Ball: A player is permitted only one bounce and then must dispose of the football by kicking or handballing to another player. If a player takes more than one bounce, a free kick shall be awarded to the nearest opponent. The player touching the ball on the ground constitutes as a bounce and the same rule shall apply.
  9. Kicking Off the Ground: A player is not permitted to deliberately kick the ball off the ground. If a player is found to have deliberately kicked the ball off the ground, a free kick shall be awarded to the nearest opponent.
  10. Bumping and Tackling: Bumping is permitted only from the side, any front on bumps shall be penalised by awarding a free kick. Tackling is permitted, normal tackling rules apply here.
  11. Holding the Ball: A player must not attempt to barge past their opponent, they must try to evade them. Failure to do this shall result in a free kick being awarded to the nearest opponent.
  12. Scoring: Normal scoring rules apply.
  13. Size of Ground: Clubs may choose to reduce the size of the ground for these two age groups using portable goal posts. Rules 2 to 4 apply for ball-ups.
  14. Marking: A mark shall be paid when the ball is disposed of by foot. There is no restriction on distance travelled at this level.
  15. Runners: Runners may be used at this level of football. Runners are to deliver a message to the player and leave the ground straight away. Runners are only permitted on the ground to talk to players who are not in the direct play. At no stage should a runner be anywhere near the ball.
  16. Mentors: Club mentors are should on most occasions be the coach of the side. Club mentors are only permitted on the ground to talk to players who are not in the direct play. At no stage should a mentor be anywhere near the ball. Mentors are to deliver their message to the player and return to the coach’s box straight away. The difference between a runner and a mentor is that the mentor can deliver coaching advice whilst on the ground whereas a runner cannot. A runner is to deliver a message and leave the playing field immediately.
  17. Mentors Inside the Forward 50m During a Kick-Out: As long as the mentor is no where near the play, mentors are allowed inside the forward 50m during a kick-out to provide coaching advice to the players. No free kick shall awarded for mentors who do not get out of the forward 50m.
  18. Runners Inside the Forward 50m During a Kick-Out: Runners are not permitted inside the forward 50m arc when there is a kick out. A free kick may be awarded against a runner of either side if they are inside the forward 50m arc when the ball is being brought back into play from a kick out.
  19. Footballs: The football should be primary school size (Size 3, Synthetic) and suitable for 11 and 12 year old players.
  20. Jumpers: Each team should be attired as per others sides who play within the club. Numbered jumpers should be worn however it is not compulsory for each player to be assigned one number each. This information does not go in the BFL record so it should have no effect to onlookers.
  21. Interchange: Teams shall use the interchange bench as they see fit. There is no limit as how many kids can play in each team however there must only be 18 players on the ground per side at any one time and rule 2 must also apply.
  22. Order-Off Rule: A Club Volunteer Umpire may order a player to leave the field for any of the below offences:
    1. Fighting or unduly rough play
    2. Persistent or deliberate breaking of the rules
    3. Disputing the Umpire’s decision
    4. Objectionable language, remarks or behaviour
    5. Swearing at or abusing another player or the Umpire

If a player has been ordered off the ground, they shall not return to the playing field for the rest of the match. The Umpire shall then choose whether or not they wish to take the issue further with their own club and punishment shall be handled internally. If the incident is deemed to have been bad enough, the Umpire may then refer the incident onto the League by filling out a report sheet and the League shall follow up accordingly.

  1. 15 Metre Penalty: There are no 50m penalties at this age level, the penalty shall be 15 metres. The Umpire shall award a 15m penalty as per normal rules.
  2. Abuse from Official or Supporter: If it is obvious that the Umpire is being abused by a Team Official or Supporter, the Umpire should ask the offending person to control their actions as they are at a junior match. If the abuse continues, they can hold play up and ask the home and visiting side to remove the person in question. Play shall be suspended until such an issue has been resolved. The League must be informed if such an incident has occurred. Unfortunately due to a tight schedule for the rest of the day, time cannot be made up.
  3. Decisions Final: The Club Volunteer Umpire is in charge of the match and every decision made by that Umpire is considered final. Players and Officials must abide by the Umpire’s decisions and at no stage shall they dispute any decision made.

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