Luther Baker - Darley FC

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1. Name:

Luther Baker

2. Club:

Darley Football Club

3. Occupation:

Apprentice Plumber

4. Age:


5. What do you remember about your first senior game:

How strong Sunbury were

6. Who do you look up to most at the club and why:

Jarrod Edwards - He leads by example and is always giving feedback

7. Name a sports person you admire and why:

Matthew Pavlich - Because he is such a versatile footballer

8. Football achievements:

Runner up in the U/16.5 league B&F, played 2 TAC Cup games in 2011

9. Would you like to coach one day:


10. Hardest apponent played against

Jarrod Edwards - Redan

11. Hardest worker at training

Luke Guerra

12. Match day superstitions

I always put my left sock on first and then my right boot

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