Lincoln Barnes - Lake Wendouree FC

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1. Name:

Lincoln Barnes

2. Club:

Lake Wendouree

3. Occupation:

Student (Bachelor of Physical Education)

4. Age:


5. What do you remember about your first senior game:

Almost being knocked out within the first 60 seconds

6. Who do you look up to most at the club and why:

Oz, very knowledgeable, trains hard, good leader

7. Name a sports person you admire and why:

Usain Bolt, is the best of the best and still pushes the limitations of the human body

8. Football achievements:

Captaincy, BnFs, played on the MCG

9. Would you like to coach one day:

Yes, eventually start at the school I will teach at then hopefully at a higher club level

10. Hardest apponent played against

Jarryd Hill, best mate but still never could read the way he played and was so damaging when he had the ball

11. Hardest worker at training

Ben Taylor

12. Match day superstitions

Same socks, undies, trackies, t-shirt and shoes to every match. Same foods and drinks consumed before the game. Football gear set up in order on changeroom floor. Same album listen too before every match. Run out last of the changeroom. Touch the centre square when first run out. Stand at back of huddle during breaks and always moving.

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