Matt Caris - Redan FNC

BFL MATCHES - Senior & Junior: 136


BFL SENIOR DEBUT - Round 1, 2011

Occupation: Builder

What do you remember about your first senior football game?

A few hard knocks early on in the game.

Who do you look up to most at the club and why?

Brendan Peace. His is very professional both on and off the field.

Name a sports person you admire and why?

Chris Judd. He is the complete player and he goes about his footy in the fight manner.

Football achievements?

Redan Under 18 Premiership last year and the Under 16 Premiership with Mount Clear a few years back.

Would you like to coach one day

Yeah and I would like to start off Coaching a Junior side first.

Hardest opponent played against?

Jay Cheep. An outstanding midfielder from Sunbury.

Hardest worker at training?

Matt Hyden

Match day superstitions?

Always try and have some pasta the night before a match.

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