Henderson Medal

The W.L Henderson Medal was introduced in 1954, in honour of then progressive Ballarat FL President Bill Henderson.

Previously, the Ballarat FL "Gold Medal" was awarded and regarded as the Ballarat FL's top honour, with the votes being awarded by The Courier. The Ballarat FL Gold Medal was introduced in 1938, and replaced the George McKenzie Medal which was awarded from 1933 to 1936, and which was donated by Ballarat Cr A.M King.

W.L Henderson was Ballarat FL President from 1943 to 1959 inclusive, and prior to this Bill had experienced a distinguished playing career with the North City Juniors FC, and then served as President of the North City Juniors FC from 1925 to 1929 inclusive.

Bill was a VCFL District delegate for 30 years, and is a Life Member of the Victorian Country Football League.

Bill was a tireless worker for football in the Ballarat region, and during his time as President of the Ballarat FL, Bill was regarded as one of the leading and best known football administrators in the game, who was renowned for his congeniality and capacity for friendship.

Bill Henderson is also a very deserving Life Member of the Ballarat FL, and did much to help place football in the Ballarat FL in the proud position it has held throughout the years.

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